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Using OhmRGB as a VST (Sylenth1) controller

edited November -1 in Hardware
Hey guys,

Just to clarify here, I'm 100% aware that what I want to do here is more than likely limiting the potential of an incredible MIDI instrument such as the RGB. This I know, but regardless, I'd like to at least try it.

With that said, my DAW is Ableton 8. I have a few VTS plugs that I use but Sylenth1 is the one I'm using 99% of the time.

I am trying to figure out if there's a way for me to map the OhmRGB to strictly control the parameters on Sylenth1.

An example would be, in Sylenth1, mapping the 4 ASDR sliders in amp envelope A to the four sliders on the lower left of the RGB. Also, say, assigning the Oscillator1 knobs (ie. volume, phase, stereo, detune, pan) to be controlled by particular knobs on the RGB.

Lastly, would it be possible to go as far as to assign the piano keys that are located at the bottom of the Sylenth1 VST plugin to the buttons in the center of the RGB?

I know this seems like a somewhat odd use for an RGB but I think it'd be cool to try.

If all this is possible, would I be able to save a template so that every time I fire up Sylenth1, the RGB is automatically mapped to how I previously configured it?

I would obviously not try to assign anything to the effects in the center LED of Sylenth1 (i.e. Arpeg, Distort, Phaser, etc. as they're not "permanent" type fixtures on the VST.

Hope I've made it clear as to way I'd like to do here. If this doesn't make sense then I'd be happy to describe in further detail.

Basically I want to assign knobs and sliders from an OhmRGB to a VST and have it saved so I don't have to go in and re-assign every time I start a new session.

I'm sincerely grateful in advance for any help on how I can go about doing this.
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