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Designing a Midi Controller

edited November -1 in Hardware

I'm in the planning/design phase of creating a custom midi controller using Livid's Brain and BYOB system specifically for Reason.

My basic question relates to implementing banks or pages. Is it easy to set up buttons that don't actually send Midi data, but change what Midi data is being edited? For example, commonly controllers are designed with a minimum number of physical faders. To compensate usually these controllers allow you to put parameters into banks or groups that you can page through to control more than just those parameters.

Would this be implemented in Livid's software controls, or Reason's Remote Midi Codecs and Mapping? I know their mapping has support for banks, but I'm not sure how the controls could be setup to page through them.

Any help would be appreciated. Depending on how flexible this type of thing is, I'll be able to group common controls together and simply page through them.
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