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edited November -1 in Software Discussion
hi all over there!

first my congratulations - union seems to be a great piece of software. the user interface is very usable and responsive, and output quality is also great.

can't wait till it's available for sale ...

the main problems i do have right now are:
- can't get audio in to do anything. i can see the horizontal meters working, but the vertical meters don't show any reaction, and the intended action (film a, frame a, ...) doesn't take place.

- in the effects bank it's not possible to select an effect, press the 'options' button or assign a midi controller.

don't know if this all is intended for the demo version or i'm doing something wrong here - maybe a hint?

thanks in advance


  • You can re-download the demo if you want, we made all midi mappable now ... ll.dmg.sit

    As for soundtrig, did you press the "ON" button on the top. You can get audio to come in and the meters to read, but wont do anything until it is turned on. Also check your crossfade slider to make sure you have it on the right source. Let us know if this works for you.
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