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What if Guitar Wing Does Not connect?

I've only done 3 gigs with guitar wing, but I depend on it to control my triple play guitar synth as I move around the stage or even off the stage. I started off connecting to the MacBook using the built in bluetooth, but one of the gigs, it would not connect so I switched to the livid USB receiver. Then on another gig, the livid receiver would not connect and I switched to the built-in MacBook bluetooth. 

I tried 3 times to get the the livid bluetooth to work- turn off guitar wing, unplug livid bluetooth receiver, plug in receiver, turn on guitar wing. Let it flash for 20 secs., try again, try a 3rd time. I am using the livid receiver on a usb hub because there are not enough ports for usb audio, usb midi and livid bluetooth. It DOES work with the hub but not at every show. If it connects, it works consistently.

There are a lot of devices on 2.5 ghz band and plenty of bluetooth. 200 audience with cell phone bluetooth, triple play with bluetooth, not bluetooth, but also 2.5 ghz are 2 wireless mic and a guitar wireless and a couple of wifi routers.

On on stage in a shopping mall there are 20 wifi routers in 2.5 ghz and at least 5 bluetooth controlled monitor speakers. With all these competing devices - can I depend on livid guitar wing to connect? How can I get the livid receiver and guitar wing to pair in these situations?



  • I discovered the connect bar in the livid wing app that lets me program the buttons so I can use it to more easily turn off Bluetooth. Maybe that will help.

    Will the new receiver also work with the older guitar wing?

    I think it's been 9 months since I bought it as a repack from guitar center online.

  • If permanently bond means it no longer seeks a clear channel, that won't do since different stages use different Bluetooth. Yes I play a stage that has 5 monitors that can be controlled by Bluetooth, then there are all the phones etc.

  • I have usb Receiver hardware 1.00

    I was able to connect well at last gig using Guitar Wing Editor.
  • Ok I bought another guitar wing so it should be the newer receiver. How do I lock the connection?

  • Having good luck connecting guitar wing since I started using the connect bar in the editor app. I plan to stress my MacBook cpu more than I currently am doing with synth sounds and adding guitar amp emulation. 

    1) Is there less cpu overhead using the Livid USB bluetooth receiver or is the cpu overhead the same for using the MacBooks internal bluetooth?

    2) Will bluetooth range be better with internal bluetooth or livid usb bluetooth receiver?

    I guess the power requirements are less without the livid usb bluetooth plugged into the MacBook plus it frees up a usb port. Are there other considerations that make one mode better than the other?
  • 1) The CPU overhead is a bit less when using the USB Receiver, but it is in general unnoticeable.

    2) Reception is generally better with the USB Bluetooth Receiver. Bluetooth Receiver's inside a computer housing typically have an RSSI Reading 10 values worse than a Bluetooth Receiver outside the computer housing.
    3) Power Difference: Is generally negligeable.

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