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Block NE - "no block is detected"

I bought BLOCK NE second hand. Some time ago i was looking for this controller. I like it very much. I try to connect to it with my laptop, but without luck. I tried open both BLOCK editor version and get a negative message: "no
block is detected". My usb port does not detect the controller. No program detects the midi port. i use msi i7 Windows 10. usb 3.0
Any idea of how to solve the problem? In an old pc with windows 7 usb2.0 works.
Thanks for your help.
(sorry for my english)



  • The block works in my old desktop computer. (w7). On my laptop (W10) does not work. I have tried other cables, usb hubs, etc and nothing happens.... only blink the livid button. I want to try all the possible solutions because i really love this controller. My ohm rgb works well and other controllers livid also work. I very much appreciate the help.

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