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Propellerhead Reason and Base, bottom right pad not working in Reason?

So I recently bought Reason and I've started using Base with it. Everything works fine with the script but one strange thing is happening where the bottom right pad is not responding. I opened the online midi editor and tested everything. Everything seems to be working fine. The pad responds and lights up. It detects midi. I also checked in Ableton just to be sure and sure enough, the pad is working there as well. But, for whatever reason it doesn't respond in Propellerhead Reason. It shows no midi feedback when the note is pressed and no notes play and it doesn't seem to be instrument specific. It appears to do this regardless of what Instrument I'm using. Is this supposed to behave this way? It's not my base, this appears to be something with the script? I'm not sure though, I'm not totally knowledgable about this. Has anyone had this issue before and maybe know how to solve it? 



  • Hey, thanks for the quick response and sorry for my own late response! How would I get the files to you? I just used the stock scripts that are already installed with Reason out of box. 

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