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Midi Out Guitar Wing

edited September 25 in Software Discussion


i received my guitar wing today.
Wing FX works fine. Audio and Midi is comming in and the FX are responding.

Non of the midi messages are going out of the Wing FX.
Nevermind wich output port i select under Options -> Midi Output.

Is there another way to control external FX via Midi?

Firmware is up to date


  • edited September 25

  • Hi Lordfader.

    I'm sure I can help you.
    Can you provide a little more information as to your setup.

    First let me point out what I see so far.
    You are on Windows 7. 
    You have Wing Fx Connected to the Guitar Wing's MIDI Ports.
    You want another software to also receive these messages. (Can you tell me which software?)

    In Wing Fx, the Audio Settings section has a 'MIDI In' and a 'MIDI Out' listed.
    - The MIDI In, receives messages from the Guitar Wing.
    - The MIDI Out, sends messages to the Guitar Wing (to change what the LEDs look like, mostly).
    -- The MIDI out in the 'Audio Settings' section does Not forward messages to another software.

    So on Windows 7 (which only allows MIDI Devices to connect to one port each), you have to do a bit of a workaround to use Guitar Wing with more than one software at a time. Let me know which software that you are using, Wing Fx in coordination with, and I will help you get set up.

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