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DS-1 and Ableton not synchronized correctly


I have a problem with my DS-1. I have a Macbook Pro (late 2011, OSX 10.12.4), I use Ableton Live Version 9.7.3 64 bit and installed firmware 1.30. 

When I assign the buttons above the faders to the record-buttons in Live while changing the key output in the DS-1-editor to toggle in order to arm the track, I always have to press the button multiple times until the track is actually armed in Ableton. To be precise, it seems like the controller and Ableton are not synchronized correctly. Sometimes the controller shows the assigned “armed”-color while it is not actually armed in Ableton and the other way around. In Ableton the signal only works after pressing the button twice while the controller changes color every time I press the button. The same thing happens with the speaker-on button. The editor shows that the midi signals are being sent correctly but they don’t arrive in Ableton right away.     

Can anybody help me to solve this problem? Many thanks in advance!




  • Hi Julian,

    It sounds like you have your buttons set as 'Toggle Buttons' in the DS1 Firmware.
    This type of button output does not work well with Ableton by default.
    Did you change this setting for the DS1 in the Online Editor?

    If so, switch them back to momentary, and they should work in sync with Ableton.
    Let me know if I can help you more with this.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your answer. I'm using the DS1-Editor-Sorftware, not the Online Editor. If I change the buttons to momentary they work. But momentary is not what I want. I want to be able to see if the buttons are armed or not on the DS-1 which I can't see when I set the buttons to momentary. 

    I also have the problem that the DS-1 control surface I installed doesn't show up in the preferences in Ableton. The Script has been installed like it is described in the DS-1 Setup Guide. The files are in the right folder but still I can't find the control surface for the DS-1 in Ableton's preferences. 



  • Hi Julian,

    DS1 Editor: Good, that was a type-o, I meant to say DS1 Editor, it's the newer better software.

    Current firmware is v130 for DS1.
    Make sure you are up to date.
    If you are not, get it here.

    One way to MIDI Map a button you want to toggle in Ableton (like the track 'on' buttons)  is to set the following settings in DS1 Editor for the button:
    - Note Mapping, 
    - Momentary Mode, 
    - Max (On) Velocity to 64 

    Then for buttons that you actually want to be momentary, you set that 'Max' (On) Velocity to 127.

    Let me know if I can help you more with this.
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