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Can I stop my Code`s track selection follow my Push?

Since recently I am a proud owner of a Code v2 and now got the codec script running in Live 9.7.3. It is a lot of fun! I am already very happy with it. But I would like to change some details for a better integration into my setup. I am new to phyton so I need a little help.

1. The Code v2 does always change the current track, when I do so on my push and vice versa. I would like deactivate this behavior to have two separate red/yellow boxes in my session. Can you point me to the part of the script where I can change it?
2. In the 4th mode of the codec script I would like to use all of the encoder buttons for cc or note messages, i.e. if possible deactivate the "device off" push encoder functionality and the others for browsing banks/devices in that mode. Maybe you could tell me which parts I have to comment out, any advice is much appreciated.

Thank you for this inspiring tool. It might not be my last livid product.
Kind regards



    1.  There are two separate boxes, however it is impossible to have two "selected tracks" at once.  Limitation of Ableton. The session boxes should NOT be linked, but maybe Ableton changed something in the newer scripts that I missed....I'll try and have a look.

    2.  It's not possible to convert MIDI notes to MIDI CC via Python, this is another unfortunate limitation of the Python framework used by Ableton.  If you want that functionality, you'd have to change the Code's configuration via Livid's editor (but then those buttons that have been changed will not work on the other layer's of the Codec script).  You could disable the buttons' functions in layer 4 but its not trivial to mess with that script, things are very interconnected.  I'm always happy to take on commissioned work if you need me to make some changes, but it may be sometime next week before I can look at it long enough to give you good advice about edits.  If you're Python savvy I can probably help you, but if not I'm afraid any advice I'm going to be able to give you is going to be fairly useless ;)  Let me know...

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