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Livid Brain Jr Button wiring shared ground

I've wired up my controller with assumption that the -ve sides of the digital button inputs are all tied together.   In fact I tested with a multimeter and they are indeed connected

The issue I'm having is that 2 different buttons produce the same MIDI note,  regardless of what I set it to in the config.

Testing each input with one button yields a different MIDI note for each button,  which is what want..  However

all the buttons are plugged in to their respective inputs I get the same note appearing off multiple buttons 

I'm trying to minimize the amount of wiring going to the brain so was hoping tying all the grounds would work but seemingly it doesnt.

Any ideas?   I'm not using diodes,  though I've seen them being used on some guides.   Not sure if I need them.

My buttons are momentary type.
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