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How many DS1 controller can be stacked up to use it with the DS1 SEND Remote script in Ableton Live?

Hi there,

i would like to know if it is possible to use 3x DS1 controllers in Live with SENDS remote script.

I.e., DS1 No1 controls send 1-8 as well as Vol 1-8, then DS1 No2 controls send 6-16 as well as Vol 9-16, DS1 No3 controls send 17-24 as well as Vol 17-24.

I know you can scroll through and just use one controller but this i not what i want. Goal is to build a 24 Ch midi controller with 24x 5 SENDs.
Any feedback is much appreciated 




  • The stock script won't do that, but I could write a custom one for you....wouldn't take a lot of time (thus not horribly expensive).   Hit me up via PM if you're interested ;) 

  • Hi Andy

    I'm also looking for this solution. I'd like to connect two DS1 to have 16 channels with each 5 Aux-Sends. Is it working that way?

    Thanks for some informations!

  • hey beni,

    as far as i know, Live 9.7 and higher doesnt work with the DS1 script anymore. 
    But let me know if i am wrong... i havent been able to use my DS1 sicne 4 months now aftwr i upgraded my Live
  • FYI, today i installed the latest scripts (11/23/17) on live 9.7.5 with max 7.3.3 and the DS1 does not appear in the list...

    any help to make this work would be highly appreciated 
  • It's working for me, pretty sure you just haven't updated all of the files in your MIDI Remote Scripts folder.  If you can't get it working you can always forward a copy of your log.txt file and I'll have a look to see where the problem is.

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