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Livid Code v2 -changing directly the 4 banks with the 4 left-side buttons

Dear Lividers,

I wonder, if I can now configure the 4 left-side buttons to change the 4 banks directly. 
It would be much more responsive than the Cycle-through-banks with the Big Button on the down left.

Any hints is really appreciated..



  • Hi Moritz,

    Unfortunately, this is not possible on the Code v2.
    The only workaround is to use a max or puredata patch to send a Program Change (0-3) back to the code when you press that button. 
  • Hello Moon.. I would like to get my hands dirty on this. is there an open source firmware for code v2 and a compiler script?

  • Hi moritx,

    No, these tools are not availabl
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