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Alias LED's, feedback Ableton

Hey guys,

Struggling to get my head around some mapping with Ableton (9.5) and the Alias. When I set up the Alias via it's editor I set the LED colours on some buttons etc, but then depending on what they are mapped to in Ableton this will change. Most notably this occurs with FX - I like to use buttons mapped to Beat Repeat for instance. However, once this is mapped the LED on my unit switches off, and then is only lit up when I press it down. Some mappings however do not do this, such as Solos, Looper Record button, etc.

Here's a breakdown of the scenario:
- open livid editor
- setup bottom left button as a CC msg, set the colour to blue. Button lights up blue on controller.
- open ableton, map same button to a flanger wet/dry. Blue LED now turns off.
- when I press the button, it lights up green (due to velocity?)

This is really annoying - any workaround to this to ensure that LED's with mapped colours etc stay switched on regardless of how they are mapped?

On a minor note, anyone know a good json text editor on mac? Whenever I try and download my user settings from the editor I just get a page with the string of code.

Thanks gang


  • Hi Gang, 

    The easiest way to keep Ableton from messing with your Alias 8's LED Colors is to:

    1. Open Ableton Live's MIDI Settings Window.
    2. Disable 'Remote' for Alias 8's MIDI Output.

    VS Code from Microsoft is a pretty code text editor for just about every language. That's my suggestion.

    Let me know if I can help you more with this!

  • Hey Moon,

    thanks for that, disabling remote did the trick! I'll have to look into VS code too..

    One other thing: Can I set my buttons so that the LED is a certain colour (e.g. blue) and then when they are pressed they turn white or something while my finger is pressing them? I'm thinking it's something to do with velocity? But every time I change any of the velocity parameters in Global settings it screws up my individual colours on button LEDs. I feel like I'm missing something here...!

  • Also while i'm at it, where can I find the connectors for the expansion ports on the alias? Is there a plug name or unit code somewhere? I have some DIY analog optical controllers that could get used here for some fun times...

  • Local Control Colors:

    - No these cannot be adjusted  on the Alias 8.
    Any custom color configurations like that must be done with software or a Max/ Puredata Patch.

    The connectors for the expansion ports are standard
    2x5, 0.100" (2.54mm), ribbon cables

    Details on the pinout are available here:
  • Thanks, Moon!

    One final question (I promise), which I think I've already figured out: is there a way to save the different banks of Alias to have differnet combo of CC and Notes for the buttons particularly? I use CC's on my page 1 for controlling fx in Ableton, but wanted to use page 2 for triggering samples in a drum rack - this won't work using CC's. I've tried this briefly but it seems like once the CC's and Notes are assigned, these then apply to all pages. Is this correct?

    Thanks again mate!
  • Hi mlbstrd,

    No, the Note and CC mappings are shared between the banks (the MIDI Channel is different).
    This allows us to allow many more banks than would be otherwise possible (due to RAM Restrictions).

    However, Ableton allows you to control FX with notes, so perhaps you don't need CC's at all, and
    the solution is to keep all of your mappings as notes.

    Let me know if I can help you more with this!

  • Thanks Moon!

    The problem I'm seeming to have is that Note messages in Ableton only act as toggle, and can't act as momentary style switches. Most of what I want to do is momentary stuff (i.e. holding down a button to engage an fx, let it go and the fx switches off), so the CC messages are the only ones that seem to function here. Unless there is something I'm doing wrong?
  • I think the key is to hit 'Cntrl +M' right after you map the button, to change it to momentary.

    I learned that watching this video.

    I'm pretty sure there is a second way to do this, using a hidden menu that is toward the bottom left corner of the screen.

    Let me know if I can help you more with this!

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