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Recommended encoders for the brain?

edited March 8 in Builder Box

I'm personally trying to get into the brain to make a fully knob controller to put next to some motorized faders to make a kind of analog style daw controller. (whatchya think?) I'm going to use encoders so i can have a, in a sense, recallable surface control. I'm having a hard time figuring out what kind of encoders i want. i don't want them to be super non-sensetive were it rakes 4 turns (or something crazy like that) to make it rotate fully while still veing accurate, but something where in 270 degrees i can send an accurate amount of control as if it were the rotation in a standard knob.

so i guess 128 is the amount of control in a midi cc right? so if i wanted 270 degrees out of 365, i guess i would need 140 "points per rotation"? i don't know much about encoders but I'm wondering if i could buy those replacement encoders and would they work with the standard pinouts? i presume, much like pots, bigger companies make them, but i can't find out if berhinger actually made this or its just branded as replacement for it
also no detents preferably. 
 Now the reason its tagged as led rings in the tags. I watched the video, and that would be awesome for me to utilize, but because id be using up all the digital pot/encoder ports, id be able to have 6 less per encoder right? and can the leds can be controlled by the knobs in the software and in a sense separate from the encoders? and linked on the same cc by chance? but the less controlled by software knob to show automation?

what is noise in midi? should i use capacitors to clean it out? what nf/pf should i use? for leds what kind should i use, do resistors or caps need to used with that as well?

thanks all! 
edit:resistor/cap question


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