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Replacement Crossfader for Ohm RGB Slim

The two pins connecting the left side of my cross fader came off while I was working this past weekend.  I would like to buy a new replacement to solder back on, but the Livid store doesn't have an option for it anymore.  I submitted a support ticket and was told to buy:

Please note that the Ohm devices used sliders with a custom shaft length 17.5mm, and this device is a little bit taller (20mm).

I'm a little bit confused.  The slider says 100K on the bottom, but the link above is for a 10k.  I thought the replacement part would have been something like this:

Can anyone help?


  • Hi projectile objects.

    It sounds like they sent you the wrong slider...
    In general, we used a 10k slider for the cross-fader for the Ohm RGB.
    However, a 100k will work just as well.
    In fact, all of the other sliders on OhmRGB are 100k.
    The important thing is that it's a linear taper.

    All of the other Sliders on the OhmRGB are slim like you show in the other link.
    However, those slim sliders linked are often very heavy (you can't throw them from one side to the other), which is not really great for a cross-fader. This is why we use the one's suggested to you by support.

    the OhmRGB has dual pads, so it can use a slim slider (PS60 series) on the cross-fader if you prefer.

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