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Are the LED Rings around the rotaries of the Cntrl:r MDID-controllable?

edited February 28 in Hardware

I am considering getting a Contrl:r. The Layout seems perfect for a drumsequencer I would like to programme in Maxforlive. However, I am wondering this: Is it possible to remote-control the LED-Rings around the rotary-knobs (NOT the encoders!)? I understand these are not "continuous" LED-rings, like these on the encoders. I just seeks to turn them on or off.
I found nothing about this in the documentation, however it seems to me, that there must be a way, why else should there be LED-rings at all?



  • edited February 28

    Rotary Knobs.
    The rotary knobs are of a fixed color, and they are all interconnected.

    Their brightness can be globally controlled by
    CC118 on any bank's channel(default: 1-4) or the settings channel (default: 16)

    The bigger the value, the brighter the LEDs.
    Full Brightness: Channel 16, CC 118, 127

    Minimum Brightness (off): Channel 16, CC18, 0

    Default Brightness: Channel 16, CC18, 50

    I hope this helps!

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    P.S. The main purpose of these LED rings, is to be able to see the location of the knobs in the dark! Though, the brightness can be customized to your liking, and these lights can be pulsed for some fun visual effects.

  • cool, thank you! this answers all my questions!

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