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DS1 editor - change bank


Not shure to use the right term but I know it's possible to multiply the total of control by changing of bank. Maybe "bank" is not the right term here? English is not my first language. Just want to use the same controller with different mapping when I change the bank.

I'm really a newby in MIDI program, I can change the colors of the button in DS1- editor but I don't know how I can program a button for change the bank.

Thanks guy


  • ...The firmware is Up to date

  • Hi Foxtune,
    DS1 doesn't natively support banking. (That's a fine word for it).
    You can setup presets in DS1 Editor to allow you to quickly change DS1's settings.
    Some software's let you do this from within the software.
    Is there a software that you are trying to use with DS1 in particular?

  • Hi Moon,

    Yes I work with Reason 9 actualy.
  • Reason's preset is optimized for each utilitys, machine and instruments control.

    I prefer map the DS1 like an unknow device and attribute the nine button part with my config.
    In DS1 - Editor (for mac) & When you select one of the nine button's box, you can choose "prog ch" in message's drop-down list. But there's a lot of value. I don't think there is 128 bank. Isn't it?
  • Program changes are part of the MIDI Protocol.
    It's similar to a 'Note' Message or a 'CC' Message.
    It's frequently used on synthesizers to change the instrument.
    There are 128 available program changes on each of MIDI's 16 channels.

    This may not be the 'banking' that you are looking for, though.

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