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Invoice for Puremagnetik content licensing

edited February 22 in Hardware

Dear Livid,

I am writing concerning an overdue invoice (2 years overdue) for Puremagnetik content distributed with the DS-1. On record we have the following orders [ORDER LIST REMOVED]

According to our distribution agreement, a royalty rate of 50% was agreed upon. This brings the due balance to $700.

We have tried multiple times to get in contact with you but your company will not respond to our requests.

We have already begun reaching out to the above customers letting them know that they have received goods, distributed by Livid in 2014 but never legitimately licensed by your company.

We kindly ask that you immediately pay the royalty share due. Please view the invoice here : [LINK REMOVED]

Here is a copy of our distribution agreement for the promotional bundle : [LINK REMOVED]

 In addition we can refer to numerous emails exchanged between our companies - some over a year ago - where Livid representatives told us that payment was processing. We can post those conversations in this thread if needed for reference.

We hope to expedite the resolution of this matter and close our books on the case as cordially as possible. Please let us know as soon as you have met your end of our agreement.


  • Hi puremagnetic,
    I'm sorry to hear about this, and I apologize for any delay in your payment. I was not aware of this.
    Please email me at, and I'll help get this straightened out.
    Please note that I have edited your post to remove customer email addresses and the hyperlinks, but I have copied them for our internal use.

  • Unfortunately we have passed the email correspondence threshold. I count 20 emails since March 2015 with one Matt N and Rachel R - only 5 of them received a response - all of them delaying the matter. I also count 6 attempts at contacting Livid through the support form on your website. Not a single response was received. Thus, we have opted to cease deliberations down that fruitless avenue.

    As we have received an adequate response on this forum within (a record) 24 hours we would like to keep our communications within this medium. I hope you can understand our frustration. I have already posted the invoices and distribution agreement above (now removed). There should be no further issue to correspond about other than honoring your end of the agreement and closing the case.

  • I just sent you another invoice. This is the 7th one we have sent since March 2016

  • Thanks for that information.
    They were the proper contacts for your inquiry.

    Rachel let me know that she sent payment to your paypal today,
    and she sent you an email saying as much.

    Feel free to email me or her if you have any issues with receiving it.

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