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How connect Dead Midi Keys bed to Brain Jr.

I am having one midi key board. That is CME VX6. Thats mother board was crashed. And i want to connect that key bed to Brain jr. Is it possible. If yes how to connect. If not how to use that key bed. Or any ideas.



  • edited September 2017

    I apologize for resurrecting an old thread.  Like the OP, I've had problems with a CME controller (mine is a UF70 Classic).  In my case, it's the contacts that have lost their conductivity after only a couple of years.  CME is toxic as far as I'm concerned.

    I agree with Moon, but I'll add some extra information to help.

    The keys on the CME are similar in concept to other dual-conductor silicone-bubble switch keybeds (Fatar, Matsushita, Huaxin, etc.), which would mean it would interface with a Brain board via the switches rather than the analog inputs.  However, the keybed would still need a key scanner (the component that reads which keys are pressed at any given instant), so it's still not feasible as the Brain platform currently doesn't have this function. (The only analog aspect of the keybed would be the aftertouch FSR strip. ;)  )  The Brain is great for a lot of stuff, but no single platform can do everything.

    I believe that CME keybeds are also diode matrix (again like Fatar, et al.), but how they interface with the scanner and processor is likely proprietary.  Of the DIY/experimental/aftermarket keybed scanners and processor setups, nearly all are designed with Fatar keybeds in mind.  CME built their own, so I doubt there's a 1:1 compatibility.  It'd require some schematics sleuthing and experimentation.  The MIDIbox NG platform "MIDIbox KB" Project would be the most likely candidate to experiment with, but there's no guarantee it would work with your keybed.  Pretty much every MIDIbox project requires a considerable amount of work on the user end to put it all together too, so there'd be a lot of effort required before you could get to the experimental stage, especially if you're not experienced in making your own PCBs or making complex circuits on veroboard/vectorboard.  The possibilities of MIDIbox are vast and community support is exceptional, but it's not plug-n-play like the Brain is.

    Just some things to be aware of and consider.  ;)

    The tl;dr version: Unless you're willing to experiment with something like MB, you should probably look on eBay or some other 2nd hand source to acquire a CME VX mainboard, or move on to a different master controller.  For 88-keys, I'd look at Arturia Keylab 88, Native Instruments S88, Studiologic SL88 Stage (or Grand), Roland A88, and Physis Piano K4.  Any one of those are superior controllers and well reviewed.

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