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Incomplete documentation. BaseII

My case: Debian(Linux), Bitwig Renoise, and others. Latest version of Firefox.

I have been searching the online docs, forum and google searches for well over a week and am very frustrated with how little basic information is available.

Although I see very few complaints about it on this forum, the complaints are well known on other forums.

I attained my Baseii from someone who gave up trying to overcome these issues. I thought that I could figure things out until I I purchased it and went online and read the docs.

I have put in a ticket with their support site, but no response. This was a common complaint of others.

I will list a small percentage of the most basic issues that I have had:

Missing power supply requirements specs. (I want to reduce current draw from my laptop with multiple controllers all sucking power). You can't get any more basic than that.

Yellow screen from online editor(Fetching settings from controller...). I followed the online docs and it does say I have the most recent firmware at least.
Very little about how to troubleshoot this or any other issues in the online docs.

How do you save settings other than using the online editor?

Is the online editor supposed to be usable and or can you save settings while connected with your DAW(in one of my cases Bitwig)? The Bitwig template works as expected, just can't save changed settings.

... just some of the basic manual issues?

How can a company charge so much for controllers and not afford to hire a documentation person?

I hope others will speak up about these kind of issues on this forum. Right now it seems to me that very few people own anything from this company. I find this hard to believe.

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