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Configuring Minim via MIDI

I've been exploring configuring Minim via the MIDI specification referenced at

I am successfully able to change the LED state of the buttons/pads. For example, sending the following CC message on channel 15 will change the pad color of the far right pad in the top row:

[190, 17, 77]

However, I'm unable to get the piano settings to work. For example, sending the following message to increase the pad octave does nothing.

​[191, 69, 127]

​I've confirmed the settings channels as 15 and 16 in the Minim editor.  Am I sending the octave change message incorrectly?  I've spent quite a bit of time reviewing the spec doc though I may be missing something obvious.

Any feedback/suggestions appreciated.  Thanks.



  • Hi Bschmaus,

    It's great to see someone using these deep features.
    Your Format is overall correct.

    [191, XX, 127] is the basic command for all of the 'increment/decrement' features.

    For example,
    [191, 69, 127]
    Is shifting the pad one octave (I just tested).

    However, this only works if the pad is assigned as a 'Piano Key'.
    I suspect this is what you have not done yet.
    The simple way to do assign pads as piano keys is to load the piano player preset. (presets->piano player in Minim Editor)
    Or you can just assign individual pads in the key menu (message='special', 'piano key #')

    Let me know if I can help you more with this!

  • Great.  Thanks for clarifying that!

  • Actually, I do have a followup question.

    I put together a simple Bitwig controller script for Minim ( and I've been reading about the Minim script for Ableton at and skimming the code at to see how both session mode and instrument mode are supported so I can achieve similar functionality in Bitwig.

    Does the Ableton script work with Minim's default settings?  And more specifically, how do you enable toggling between session mode and instrument mode in the Ableton script?


  • edited January 29

    Yes, Ableton's script works with the default settings.
    Furthermore it calls a sysex message to set Minim to it's default settings:

    When the script exits, it calls a command to load Minim's last saved settings (or the default settings if no saved settings exist):

    For your reference, the most up to date scripts are currently located on our developer's github:

    We also have bitwig source code for some of our controllers available here:

    I know ableton offers a feature called something like 'Pages' that enables you to create layers on the controller. @amounra may know better than I, though.

  • Thanks for the additional info!

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