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Ohm64 grid problems in Ableton Live 9.5


I have recently purchased a secondhand Ohm64, the version with all red lights. I have installed the scripts (I can see the red box that is similar to the APC40), but the scripts do not automatically assign anything to the controller. The sliders can be manually MIDI mapped as well as the knobs. However the grid buttons do not cooperate. They all trigger the same note (C-2) and I am not able to remap them. I have tried using the Ohm64 Editor but the device is never recognized by the program. I have also tried starting the device in bootup mode, but it doesn't seem to work. I hold down the LIVID button as I am plugging the controller in, but no lights blink or anything. Is there anything I can do on my end to fix this?


  • If anyone has any tips or pointers they would be greatly appreciated, have a show coming up soon that depends on the functioning capabilities of the controller. Can Livid repair this if I ship it to them?

  • My guess is that you have a pre-bootloader Ohm64.  I have one, have to have a PicKit programmer in order to update the firmware on it....once updated you should be good for using the most current editors I think....HOWEVER, its been a while since I messed with any of that, so I'm going to defer to Justin on this one.  Be patient, he'll chime in ;)

    I will say this, though: I haven't updated the OhmModes2 script to work with the Ohm64.  It should work (the Ohm64 and OhmRGB share the same default assignments), but hasn't been tested....just sayin, that's all.  For MIDI Learning in Ableton, you don't have to use a script anyway, so regardless its still a very useful controller, you'll just need to get it back to "factory defaults" first and unfortunately I can't tell you how to do that at the moment.


  • Thank you for a response I really appreciate it @amounra! How do I tell if my controller is pre-bootloader? The only wooden parts are the side panels, top and bottom are metal.


    I have gotten the offline Ohm64 Editor to recognize the device, and the grid has assignable MIDI functionality, but I cannot figure out how to configure the device to make it have multiple modes like in this released showcase video:
    I downloaded the AbletonAutomapMIDISettings.lmd file and loaded it into the editor, and exported the layout to the Ohm, but to no real success. I know the problem has switched now but any insight?
  • Ok, you're Ohm is NOT pre-bootloader, you should be able to use the offline editor to reset it to factory defaults and then save that to the device.

    You'll need to install the Livid Python scripts in Ableton before you'll be able to use them.  They live here now:

    You'll want to clone that repository, then follow the instructions in the readme.  Keep in mind, the scripts only work with the most current version of Live (9.71 as I'm writing this).

    If you run into trouble, there's plenty of info in the first post pinned in these forums, or feel free to ask for help :)


  • Thank you so much for your help!!!!!! If I am running Live 9.5 and do not have access to 9.7, should I just run an archived version of the scripts that worked for 9.5 in this situation?

  • You should, but I can't tell you exactly where that version would be.  For one thing, it took a while for me to get things working after the release of 9.5.  For another, I wasn't keeping the Livid scripts in the m4m7 repo back then, so you'll need to pull the scripts from here:

    I think you want the commit from Nov2, 2015.


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