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DS1 Expression Jack + pedal

I have a Moog EP3 expression pedal. When I connect it to my DS1's expression jack I get either very erratic input or none at all – in fact sometimes it acts like it's shorting out and the DS1 will turn off until I unplug the pedal. The pedal works fine with other units that accept CV. It happens whether I switch the polarity on the unit or not.

I'm wondering if it's an issue with this pedal – the Wiki says "Roland-style" pedals – are there differences between a Roland and Moog CV expression pedal and if so is the DS1's behavior consistent in response to an incompatible pedal?


  • Yes,
    Your presumption is correct, you are shorting out the analog reading circuit of your unit.
    Some pedals, wire the signals differently (which in your case allows you to connect power to ground).
    We do have protection circuitry in place, so your unit should be fine.

    Here are our notes on foot pedal selection:

    These jacks were designed to be used with Roland style foot pedals (the DP8, specifically).
    (note: the Roland EV-5 is a different style of design and is NOT compatible with the Expansion Jacks).

    You can also use the 1/4" Jacks as analog controls with a variable resistor wired to them (i.e. fader, rotary knob, sensor).
    If you are rewiring an alternative pedal or your own variable resistor, the pins are as follows:
    - The Tip is power, the Ring is wiper (or signal), and the Sleeve is ground.

    WARNING: This jack is designed ONLY for passive input.

    Plugging anything with voltage (that includes an audio signal) will damage the unit and void your warranty.

    WARNING: This jack is NOT designed for switch style pedals. It is designed explicitly for TRS style jacks. Use of a switching pedal (or any TS style 1/4" jacks) will short part of the power supply of your controller,and repeated exposure could damage it.

    I have added this information to our wiki. Let me know if I can help you any more with this.

  • Hello!

    I've been reading a lot of time about integrating a pedal but I'm not sure. Could you please suggest some compatible models?
    Apart from the discontinued DP8.

    Thank you very much in advance!
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