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ds1 Global channel option?

Hi I'm trying to replicate the default midi mapping for the Korg nanoKontrol Studio (nKS) using the ds1 so that I can control the mixer in Korg Gadget on the iPad.

There is no midi learn mode for the mixer in Gadget but the nanoKontrol Studio (nKS) is able to control the mixer out of the box so I though that if I replicated the default midi mapping of the nKS in the ds1 I'd be able to use the ds1 instead as I don't own an nKS and frankly I'd much rather use the ds1!

So it seems that the only hurdle is that there doesn't seem to be a 'global' midi channel option in the ds1 editor as there is in the nKS editor.

For example

The fader for channel strip 1 in the mixer is set to the following in the nKS software:
Midi channel=global
CC Number=4

Is there a way to so this on the ds1? It seems that I have to set it to any channel from 1 to 16 but no option for a channel called global in the dropdown as in the nKS editor.

Any help much appreciated


  • After reading around a bit more I have a feeling my plan wont work out even if there was an equavent setting in the editor. I have a hunch the default settings used in the nKS editor are not in fact what gets used by Gadget as the nKS uses a different native mode when hooked up to the iPad running Gadget. I might be wrong... after all I am the eternal pessimist!

  • Thanks Moon

    I'll give it a go...I'll just try all 16 channels and see what happens!

    I've ordered their little nanoKontrol Studio controller as well just in case I can't get it to work... would much rather use the ds1 though... nothing like the feel of this wonderful unit... I have three!!

    Either way they will be put to use controlling the synths.

    Is there a program that you recommend that would sniff out the sysex for the hardware ID and if so would there be a way to trick it into the ds1?

    Cheers Al

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