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Wiring help for Brain Jr and Midi Drum pad.

About a year ago I purchased a brain Jr for the purpose of creating a midi fighter clone. Unfortunately I have no idea how to wire the arcade buttons to the brain jr so they trigger midi samples in ableton live.

Has anyone done something similar? I'd like to know what the best way to wire them is and what i need to do on the software side to make sure all my buttons are triggering correctly.   

Thanks for any help.


  • Have you seen our wiring example?

    By default your button will have a mapping compatible with Ableton Live.
    After enabling 'Remote' for your BrainJr in Ableton's MIDI Preferences window,
    you can use Ableton's MIDI Mapping feature to connect your button to a sample or drum sound.

    In the end, ideally, you may want to solder the connections using a Shield for BrainJr, rather than just connecting with individual wires as shown in the example.

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