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OhmModes_2 and Push 2 Problems.

So I've recently stumbled upon a mildly annoying problem. I have the OHM RGB, with ohm modes 2 installed, and I use Ableton with a push 2 as well.

In the second page on the ohm, where the green pads are drums, the red bass, and the yellow melody, the knobs on the left are nicely mapped to the macros, but when I change to another track on the push, the macro knobs on the ohm change to the same track as the push, even though I can still play the one shots on the green pads. In other words, I can't control macros on two different tracks at the same time. Does that make sense? I want the ohm to not be affected by the changes I make on the push 2. Maybe there is some clever routing settings in Ableton that I don't know of...?

I really like ohm modes 2, but I wish I could change some of things with this 2nd/instrument page as well, if that is possible. :)


  • This is a general limitation of Live, working with multiple controllers (at least it was when that script was written).  You can only select a single device in Live at a time, and since both Push and Ohm's device manipulation is keyed by the currently selected device, they are going to be the same on both devices.

    One solution is to select the device you want, ctrl-click the title bar, and choose "Lock to Device" in the drop down menu.  This will lock whichever device you want to either controller, but isn't really changeable dynamically.

    Hope this helps, also I'm usually available for commissioned work to make customizations to the scripts, if you're interested message me privately :)


  • Thanks for the quick answer. :) Yeah, I also found the lock to button, which would have been practical if you could lock more than one thing at a time, or maybe map that button to your controller somehow. Well well, I'll figure something out. :)

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