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Is the DS-1 discontinued?

I'd love to get my hands on a DS1, but they aren't available anywhere. Will they be back?


  • I'd like to know the status of this and the Base // as well.

    Every time one goes away, I am mad I didn't even get a shot at it.

    Are bad things happening to Livid Instruments?

    Please say no and that you'll be returning to cranking out new and bringing back classic controllers very, very soon!!

    Some of this stuff are hands down the best quality and versatile MIDIO Controllers on the market - when they are readily available...

    Please!!! I never got a chance to own an OHM:RGB or properly explore plenty of gems.

    HOOK UP UP, Livid! Gotta LOVE this place.

  • Livid went bankrupt, then the entire warehouse got robbed and every employee and even the CEO (with the exception of J. Moon) went to jail for their 3rd drunk driving offense; walking to work wasn't an option. Then I read in the news their warehouse caught fire, so ya know... Just a run of bad luck. Rumor has it they'll be back though. Don't hold your breath.

  • Come on.

    This is too off the wall to be true.

    I can't find any news online to back this up. Can you point to something to let me know this isn't a troll operation? Sorry to cast doubt, but that is a pretty outrageous- not impossible - sequence of events.

    Why  is the one "Moon" person still offering help and tech support for Livid products online? Why is the website up?

    An entire warehouse full of microcontrollers, passive electronics parts and custom metalwork robbed? For what? Their machines and customized niche product parts? I don't get it. Maybe if someone stole all the computers or something like that.... but MIDI controllers that may or may not have been assembled? That doesn't seem right... or very smart burglary.

    Why did an entire company get arrested in connection with a DUI? Was this a drunken convoy to the annual picnic or something?

    How did they go bankrupt? This part seems plausible only because of the product discontinuations, one after another; along with the Minum thing that I never understood.

    If these products are history, it's a real shame. I haven't found another product that is as well made and suited for Ableton w/ Max more than the CNTRL:R, the Brain gear and my elements Rack. I've tried, and the only build quality that is close are the platter type DJ controllers used for something completely different. I wanted the OHM:RGB eventually, as well as the Base // and the DS-1.

    If any of this is true, I guess I am lucky to have scored a bunch of Livid faders, knobs, encoders, buttons, and matching passive electronics like the same capacitors, diodes, LEDs, etc. Because now if the CNTRL:R or any piece of my elements rack breaks, I can actually replace whatever is broken with OEM parts.

    Still.... I wanted a DS1...


  • In other "news" :)

    The DS1 is not discontinued, but is currently be retooled.
    It will be coming back in the next couple of months.

  • Well excellent.

    What the heck was that crazy story about? Online troll?

  • I'm just having fun... Mr. Moon had been quite helpful, and maybe one of the few left... But "for real", Livid isn't dead yet.

  • Does someone know any news about the retooled DS1? I'm thinking about getting another DS1 for my live setup, should I wait for the new one or find the old one?

  • I'm waiting for the DS1 as well for a while now.

    It's sold out everywhere and it's the only controller on the market which suits my exact needs.

    @ Livid people: Any news when or even if it will be shipped again?

  • speaking another vote of enthusiasm about ds1 news. this is my favorite ableton controller. 

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