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strange midi alias 8 behaviour

Hi guys,

I'm recently experiencing a strange midi problem lately which is hard to explain but I'll try, so maybe someoune can help me.
First of all my live setup is: MacBook Pr o+ Ableton live9 + Ableton Push1 + Livid Alias8 + Softstep2
I use push mainly for clip triggering, the Alias8 and the Softstep for effects controlling (I also play guitar live).
At the core of this setup I had a 2012 MacBook pro running OSX 10.7.5 and Live suite 9, but I recently switched, for more live reliability, to a new 2012 MacBook Pro, just like the old one but running OSX 10.11.6 and Live suite 9.7.
The thing is, once I connect everything up (all usb devices connected to a ext. alimented usb hub) eveything seems to run just fine but when I move the master slider on the Alias8 (the longest one, on the far right of the controller which i have set for A/B crossfading) live shuts down's a very erratic behaviour because it doesn't appear every time I switch on the liveset but randomly... but it seems to affect that one slider on the Alias only. 
I've tried assigning to my Alias preset another midi channel (2) to avoid midi interferences with Push, which is on channel 1 by default but it didn't seem to remove the problem.
I've seen that if I turn everything on and, before moving that slider, I erase its midi assignment and I reenter it, it seems to work from there on...but I'd like to play live without the pressure of this problem's appearing unexpectedly, how can i solve this? Any suggestions?
Any help is appreciated, thanks :)
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