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How to change encoder speed on the Brains?

edited November 2016 in Hardware

I have a Brains v2 with several potentiometers hooked up to it. I was looking in the manual on Wiki and saw that there is a way to change the speed of the encoders. I see that under the Tools section within the Brains Editor that it has a window for entering in hex numbers to send via sysex. I am new to sysex and do jot quite understand which values to enter and then have that send to the Brian.

Also, does this setting affect the potentiometer speeds as well or just rotary encoders?

Thanks for any help!


  • Would this work with "Livid Elements," since it is runnng on the "Brain v2?"

  • I need help sending sysex messages. Some guidance would be appreciated. I'm typing it in in the tools window of the configure tool exactly as in your reply and hitting enter but am getting no response from the brain.. How do I actually SEND it?

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