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Revisiting Mon+Ohm / Monomebridge with my Livid OhmRGB

Hi folks. Hope to have someone helping me use this old Max patch. I am trying to run some monome matches using Monomebridge connected to my Livid OhmRGB. serialosc.maxpat is configured correctly, when I activate "Test Mode" inside Monome Bridge, I can press the virtual buttons inside the Monome Bridge and indeed it sends an OSC message to the final monome patch. And, I can see the lights on my Ohm RGB working as it should. 

But, the problem is: whenever I actually press a button on Livid Ohm RGB, I see this message inside MAX 5 Runtime:

"js: li.UI.js: Javascript TypeError: assigned[midiin[0]] has no properties, line 178".

Has anyone ever experienced something similar, and could share a possible solution?


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