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Livid Guitar Wing + SM Pro V-Machine?

Hi, everyone! Okay, I'm completely new to the forum and the Guitar Wing that I want but don't yet have (but could be getting very soon), so forgive me if this is a very silly question, BUT...

I know the Guitar Wing is mostly meant for software and it's most beneficial to have a computer or some similar device in the middle of it, but as someone who mostly performs on smaller stages, I don't see that as always being possible. I also know about the USB-to-MIDI solution such as the Kenton, so I'm looking into something like that. One convoluted solution I considered when it comes to hardware was the SM Pro V-Machine. For those who don't know, the V-Machine supposedly eliminates the need for a computer in your setup in order to use VSTs--it's basically a VST pedal. If I were to get one of these gadgets for use with the Guitar Wing, A) would it work at all? And B) would its USB-to-MIDI function eliminate the need to buy a standalone USB-to-MIDI host along with it? It could be a deadly combination, in my opinion...but only if it works. :D

Thanks to all in advance for their responses!


  • Hello, Moon, thank you! But another newbie question--do you mean a support ticket? If so, how do I access your answer? Thank you again!

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