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Replacement push encoder alias 8

Hi im looking for the closest or exact encoder replacement for the alias 8 (the program change pot) Im located in Australia


  • Basically, you want an '11mm' encoder with around a '20mm' shaft length.
    20 or 24 Pulses per revolution is fine.

    Bourns makes a good one, if you can get them.

  • Is this the same thing that is on the Code too? Need to replace an encoder or 2

  • Hi Chambo, 

    Yes, they are the same on Code.

  • That's great Moon

    Looks like a really easy fix
  • Replaced, but working in reverse.

    I wonder if there were variants of the encoder on the Code 1? 

    If so, does anyone know what they were and how do you get them, or can I just send this board back to Livid?

    Just spent ages getting the parts and repairing it. . .and some of the other encoders aren't great

  • Hi Chambo, I just sent you an email (I think it was you, at least!) about how to reverse the direction of your new encoder.

    Let me know if it wasn't you, and I'll continue to help out!
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