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Tweaker Mapping Help

Hello friends, I'd love to make some modifications to the current ableton tweeker mapping and script. Im running os 10.11.6. and the editor doesn't seem to wanna work anymore


some how re assign the faders to 2 other tracks. 2 faders 4 tracks
utilize the shift button. Maybe assign another set of notes to the Velocity pads 
Corresponding colour choice for clips on the tweeker (maybe a pipe dream)
Possibly change the knob sensitivity. 
since remapping some of the things some of the indications don't work any more. 

is type of stuff all done from the script? 

scripting is very foreign to me so i'd be into paying someone to help me out.


  • Tweaker editor just doesn't show its working window. It just hangs in the back ground.
    I'm assuming though when i use Ableton that what ever i've changed in the editor it gets over written to the remote script

    Thanks for the reply!
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