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Encoder shifting (?)

Hey everyone...

I have built a controller with a bunch of analog controls, and 12 encoders with LED rings.  My aim is to figure out how I can switch the function of these encoders on the fly. I'm not sure what this would be called, so I am unsure what to search for here in the forums, or elsewhere on the googlenets.

Here's my goal:

Let's say the encoders are set up for channel 3, cc 0-11. by pushing a button, the encoders would shift to cc's 12-23, press again they either shift again, or back to 0-11 (that part of the functionality i'm not set on yet). I'd also like to have the LED rings follow this shifting.

Can someone either help me with how this would be achieved, or give me the correct terminology to search for it? Perhaps it's relevant that I'm using Brain v2, and Ableton 9+



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