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User mapping CNTRLR:R, remap knobs and sliders

Hi ! 

I was told to post here by the support
I'm using Livid stepp:r with ableton, and I mapped my traktor set to be active when "user mapping" encoder is engaged.
Problem is, when I'm in the "user mapping", the sliders and knobs still control ableton (via the remote script) and that is interfering with my traktor set.

I would like to know how to disable them inside the remote script so that I have a fully mappable user mapping. I really need this flexibility with my trakotr/ableton set.

I found that this topic is pretty similar to what I'm looking to achieve, but in my case it would only concern the "user mapping"

Have a nice day!


  • User mapping mode only remaps controls VIRTUALLY inside Ableton Live to use a different channel internally within that software.  In order to use this functionality to control another piece of software you would have to use a virtual port to send MIDI out of/back into Live via a MIDI channel within its environment. Max4Live should be able to accomplish this sort of thing for you.  

    You can contact me via private message or email if this is something you want to commission from me, we'd have to discuss the details.  If you can give me more details (version of Live, m4l?, OS) perhaps I can give you some more hints on how to accomplish this yourself....


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