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DS1 Rotary knob acting strange

edited September 2016 in Hardware

I just received my new Livid DS1 device. After testing it out I really love this thing!

But I notice strange behavior for one of the knobs.
I got the device in factory settings, so I have not done any tweaking at all.

When rotating knob 36 all kind of lights are flashing on the device, until the device actually reboot itself.
When checking the DS1 eitor I can see that all the other knobs goest from 0-120 as the setting shows.
But when rotating knob 36 it looks like it sending midi signals all over, like the knob should be mapped to several other knobs.

Here I rotate knob 35 and it goes from 0-120 like I want.

Here I rotate knob 36 and as you can see 1, 9, 11, 13 knobs are triggered and sending different midi signals.
If I leave this knob at the maximum value the RGB buttons starts to dim and the device eventually reboots itself.

I tried to update to the latest firmware but without success. What is this? Is the device broken?


  • I have now tested all the knobs and yes, Column4, Row5 is the only knob that is acting like this.

    Also noticed that you can turn the knob approx three-quarter laps without anything happening or it send no MIDI data.
    It does not registry the knob. But when you almost reach max value it starts to behave strange and sends all kind of data. The device shuts down almost immediately.

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