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When will I be able to use the MInim on Windows 7 or Android please?

I got the Minim but it's useless without being able to use Ableton Live or Minim Music lab. When will either of these two be available on either platform please?


  • Hi Beau, 

    I appreciate your input.
    We are in the process of working on Windows 10 integration.
    Based on where we are, I expect that Ableton integration should be available on Windows 10 around the beginning of October, with the presumption that Ableton will have adopted the newer, faster, better, Windows 10 MIDI System that is required for Bluetooth MIDI Device use on Windows 10.

    Windows 7 is not going to implement a Bluetooth MIDI Driver, as Windows did not add Bluetooth LE Capability to their systems until Windows 8.
    No release date for Android software are available at this time, though we are also currently working with Minim on that platform.
  • Hello Moon, just following up on the possible Windows 10 integration possibly this month. Is it still a plan for this month, or is it still being worked on? Thanks!

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    Hi Beau,

    Thanks for following up.
    I expect to complete the Windows 10 firmware update software sometime this week.
    This software will unlock Minim to work with Windows 10 (beginning at the Anniversary Update).

    We will be testing and debugging Minim's operation with Ableton Live on Windows immediately after.
    From there, we will be working on the Minim Editor for Windows, which we expect to release in November.


  • Thanks Moon! Excited to get to use my Minim on Windows!

  • Hi Beau,

    A small update for you here...
    we do have the firmware update software running on Windows, and we are putting in the finishing touches.
    Ableton Live however, does not support the new Windows 10 MIDI System that is required for Bluetooth MIDI yet.
    We are currently looking into alternative solutions in that regard.

  • Hey Moon, I asked Ableton in October if they planned on Supporting the Minim, but got this response. It's great to see you guys have the update working in Windows, thanks for your hard work!

    Hi Beau, 

    thanks for contacting Ableton Support.

    Please understand that we can not make any statements regarding future versions or implementations. Resources can change as same as priorities in development.

    I'm very sorry that I can only offer you this disappointing answer.

    Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any further questions or concerns.
  • > Moon said: > Hi Beau,

    A small update for you here...
    we do have the firmware update software running on Windows, and we are putting in the finishing touches.
    Ableton Live however, does not support the new Windows 10 MIDI System that is required for Bluetooth MIDI yet.
    We are currently looking into alternative solutions in that regard.

    Hello Moon, are you guys still planning on releasing a Minim editor for Windows soon? I've upgraded to Windows 10 at least for now. 

  • Hi Beau,

    Our firmware update software for Windows has just been approved by the Windows Store. We will be releasing that part soon.

    We are working on a version of the Minim Editor for Windows, it's release is still a ways away, as we are a bit more concerned about getting some App support for Bluetooth-MIDI Devices on Windows 10 at the moment.

  • edited December 2016

    Hey Moon, thanks for the update! I will wait, glad to see the firmware releasing soon! Is this firmware an .EXE file I would download and install directly in Windows, that would allow Bluetooth MIDI capability? It would include a Bluetooth MIDI driver as well?

  • The firmware update is going to be a package in the Windows Store.

    After upgrading your firmware, Windows 10 will natively see your Minim as a Bluetooth-MIDI Device after pairing to it.
    The driver is a part of Windows 10. Only a few software's currently support the Enhanced MIDI System for Windows 10 that this driver is part of.

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    Hey Moon, am I able to use the Minim in Ableton Live or in Windows 10 as a USB device for now?

  • Hi Beau, Minim's USB Port is for charging only.
    Minim cannot operate as a USB-MIDI Device.

  • Thanks for that Moon, how are things going with the Windows 10 firmware update? Let me know if you need someone to help test. It's great to see you're heavily active on the discussion board, is it just you from Livid or are others here as well?

  • It is mainly just me trolling these forums.
    Amounra, who works with us on Ableton Live scripts, also graciously helps out with Ableton related requests.
    We relay things from here to the other departments when necessary.

    Sure, if you want to test the windows version of firmware update, you can access it from here:
    It has been approved by a few of us here and has been approved by the Microsoft store.

    It is currently a 'private link', so you can't search it in the Windows Store yet.
    We will be releasing Minim Firmware Update, once Apple approves the iOS version (the OSX
    version has been approved).

    Here's a video of the OS X Version in operation, so you can see what will happen:

    It's functionally the same as the Windows version

    After updating to v176, you will be compatible with Windows 10 Bluetooth MIDI.
    The only test app really available for Windows 10 Bluetooth MIDI is available in the Windows Store as 'Midi Monitor'

    Windows has some cool features built in, though, that show the promise of what they are doing:
    - automatic connection whenever an app tries to connect to your device's MIDI Port.
    - automatic reconnection if a connected Bluetooth-MIDI Device unexpectedly disconnects.


  • Hello Justin,

    I've been follwing this thread in stealth mode for a while, rooting for Windows 10 Bluetooth MIDI version coming :P

    However I have issues when trying the Windows version of firmware updater.

    It does connect successfully to minim, identify firmware correctly (175 on minim, 176 for update) and says length is good.
    Then I click update, which shows me the image on how to get the update going (pressing either of the side buttons).

    When I press one of the buttons, the led snake patterns starts and the firmware updater goes back to the main window.
    Then the connection to minim seems to get cut (one corner led starts blinking on the minim, and firmware updater says minim disconnected), and reconnects after about 5 seconds (led goes solid, and updater says minim reconnected).

    After that it says starting firmware update, but nothing changes.
    led snake patterns is still going on, but the update bar on the firmware updater doesn't move.

    Can you please help me out ?
    Reciprocally, I'm all yours if you need more details, files etc...

    Thanks in advance !

  • edited January 31

    Hi Matty,

    We now have a documentation page for Minim Firmware Update.
    And the program is available and searchable in both the Apple and Microsoft app stores.

    The flash writes can take a long time, and so it is somewhat easier for a disconnection to occur when updating the firmware.

    My first thought, is to make sure you have your Minim in a good position relative to your computer.
    If you are using a Desktop under a desk for example, perhaps put Minim under the desk as well.
    If you are using a laptop, maybe put Minim about 1 ft away from it.
    Let me know if this helps.

    As a second bit of advice, if you enter the 'connect' page, and 'disconnect', and then 'reconnect' to your minim by clicking on it after disconnection, it should force the firmware update to continue if it stalls like you described.

    Let me know if this helps, and we'll move on from there.

  • Hi !

    Thanks a lot for your help, I appreciate it.

    Distance to computer seems indeed to matter (more than 6 ft and things get slower), however it doesn't change the result even 1 ft away.

    Performing your second bit of advice doesn't do the trick either, it does say "reconnected to device... starting firmware update", but again the progress bar doesn't move and even if I wait 10 minutes nothing happens (serpentine on minim still going on during those 10 minutes fyi).

    I'll try to test it on another computer and keep you posted, if you get another idea I'm all ears but don't bother too much in the meantime.

    Thanks again !

  • Matty, I'll test the firmware updated too when I'm free! Thanks Moon for providing us this! 

  • edited February 3

    @Matty: Okay, it's working consistently on my Windows 10 machines. Keep me posted, and I'll keep helping.

    I've also added official documentation today on connecting to Windows and Android, and I've added some compatible Apps for Android. Feel free to check it out!

  • edited March 2

    Hi Moon !

    Sadly I had the same issue on other computers (I tried 2 on top of mine).
    I tried with different bluetooth dongles too (on top of computers bluetooth abilities), nothing does the trick and it's always the same behaviour.

    I see in the firmware updater that there is the possibility to load a file, could this be attempted ?

    In any case I'm at your disposal to help you troubleshoot or try something.

    P.S: quick question maybe a bit off topic, if you don't mind answering, can the guitar wing USB dongle be used with minim ?
    I'm asking since the answer is yes, maybe I can try using it as bluetooth dongle to flash minim firmware.
  • Hi Matty,
    I don't have any great ideas at the second, but since the firmware update partially completes, but will not continue after a reconnection, there is likely a bug with the 'continue' operation.
    I'm going to take a good look at the software tomorrow, and try to get an update out for you that fixes that issue.

    Yes, the Guitar Wing dongle is compatible with Minim, and yes, you can update Minim with the current development version of Guitar Wing Firmware Update, which is available here.




  • Hi Moon,

    Thanks a lot for your answer !

    I was able to flash the firmware using guitar wing dongle & firmware update tool, so again thanks a lot :)

    In any case I remain at your disposal if you want me to test an update of the minim firmware update tool.
  • Thanks Matty!
    I'm glad you are no longer stuck in firmware update mode.
    I will work to get 'Continue' working better on the Windows version for the next go round.
    I will let you know if I need more help with the testing.
    Thanks for the offer!

  • edited March 15

    Hi Moon,

    Just a small side question if you don't mind.
    To increase Minim compatibility with Windows software, I guess there is the possibility to use a BT midi to USB adapter.
    Did you try some of those, and/or do you recommend one ?
    I quickly tried with the Guitar Wing one, but I guess it always expects a Guitar Wing and won't let Minim pair.
  • Hi Matty,

    BT to USB MIDI Adapters:
    I have tried one that should be compatible, but it does not currently support 'pass-keys' for bluetooth pairing.
    I have only found one that 'Hosts' Bluetooth MIDI Devices personally.
    I will continue to work with this company, and see if I can get it working.
    If/ when it does, I will let you know!

    Windows 10 MIDI to Windows Legacy MIDI Bridge Software:
    On a side note, I recently became aware of a software designed for Windows 10, that tries to make Windows 10 Bluetooth MIDI Devices available to 'Legacy MIDI' applications (as we noted before pretty much every audio software uses 'Legacy MIDI' on Windows currently).

    --- You could use MIDI Yoke instead of loopMIDI if desired.

    MIDIberry connects Windows 10 MIDI Ports to Legacy MIDI Ports.
    loopMIDI (or MIDI Yoke): create's Legacy MIDI Through Ports, that you can use with MIDIberry.
    We have not officially tested this process, yet, but I figured that I'd share it in the meantime, in case anyone wanted to give it a go!

  • Hello Moon, I'm testing on Android right now. I'm using the Tab S2 on Android 7.1.1. None of the apps you listed are able to be installed from the google play store. MIDI BLE Connect, General MIDI Synthesizer, ect. I can pair through my bluetooth settings but that's it. Thanks for your help so far!

  • Hi Moon,

    Thanks a lot for all the information !
    I've been testing MIDIberry for a few days and it's been working reliably, that's great advice thanks.

    Enjoy the ride :)
  • Hi Beau,

    That's odd... 
    I know Android, says your manufacturer has to 'Enable MIDI' on your device. But every device we've tried has had it enabled. 
    I'll see what I can find out in that regard. I know that one of my test androids is on 7.1 also, so it shouldn't be your Android version.

    @Matty. Awesome! That's inspiring. I'm going to have to take it for a ride.

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