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Could not still get guitar rig 5 and ableton and wing all set to moldovers pitch settings

Hello again,

I still could not get the procedure down for using my presonus interface audiobox ,guitar rig 5 demo

ableton 9.61 free for a couple more days only and win 7 laptop.I wanted to map the ableton live and guitar rig5 and

guitar wing to the settings similiar to moldovers settings.I watched the instruction videos and for certain they move really fast ,

and i could not still get the hang of the wing controlling guitar rig.I did not get the different settings to scroll down the presets in guita r rig 5.I did get the pitch shifter working in guitar rig 5 with my computer mouse, but no on board control from the guit wing.I have all the required equipment and can't find the right combination.Is there a file stored incorrectly or the mapping is not working ?I am brand new at the guitar wing and would need step by step

instructions to get moldovers settings that he did in the music store video that demonstrated the guit rig 5 and ableton

with the settings i want to get on my guitar.I particularly want the slider on the wing to control the slider in the pitch pedal of guitar rig 5 for instance.Thanks again and i will be getting a second gui wing soon and also will have to order ableton intro to ableton live soon also so i will be updating to 9.62 i guess soon in a few days also the new wing will arrive.What will i need to do when i get the intro to ableton in anothjer week as i can't afford the full version and the new wing will soon arrive?I still have the current wing on 9.61the new wing will be on 9.62regards scottsober9-6-2016

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