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Brain Jr. Help please program LED

Hi you everyone! My name´s Ivan, I live in Ukraine and play electric bandura throw Ableton Live. Ableton parameters I manage using Livid instruments Brain J. Using the buttons and knobs (pedals).

It all looks \ sounds like  this:

How do I connect buttons and LED? When I turn on the button chanel 1,  have to light up LED chanel 1. When I turn on the button chanel 2, have to light up LED chanel 2. and so on. With adherence momentary and toggle.

Can you please tell how to do it in the Brain V2 Configure. Or give a link to a detailed step Manual.

That is to I could not comprehend.

Thank you in advance!

Have a nice day!


  • Hi Ivan,

    What you need to do is enable local control -- you should see a button for it on the right.  Then you need to make sure that the LEDs are set to the same numbers as your buttons.  The confusing part for me was that the LEDs are out of order (due to some programming something) in the list, so you need to check the ones highlighted in yellow.  Hope that helps!

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