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Separate sysex control without turning off others & otherwise retaining chosen colors

edited August 2016 in Hardware

Short version:
1) I am looking for separate sysex commands for each LED without affecting the others, and 2) to be able to set the buttons & pads to colors without having them change to the 0 velocity color.

Detailed explanation:
1) I am trying to separate the sysex control of individual LEDs without having to turn off the others.  Every example I see has 0 0 0 etc. to turn off the other LEDs.  I've tried using _ or letters but they also turn off those spaces.

 What I am looking for is to be able to send Sysex for one button at a time, individually, to change the color.  The software that I am using, MPCTools for Martin M-PC has three slots for sysex commands: "Initialization", "On", and "Off".  "Initialization" would be the color of the button or slider when MPCTools MIDI is turned on.  "On" is for the color when the button is pushed.  And "Off" is a third possible color.

Where as I found this thread discussing individual colors it doesn't explain how to separate them.  I want separate control of individual faders & buttons without affecting the others.  For example, in the provided documentation I can change the colors of the bank buttons green but it turns off all colors of the pads.

2) Also, where as if I set the Color tab / Velocity to Color for 0 to a color all the banks become that color.  And if I individually set the pad colors in the banks, as soon as I touch the buttons they switch to the velocity 0 color.  What I want is to set the color for individual pads and for them to stay that color.

Martin M-PC




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    Ps. Maybe what I need is a a hex command.  In MPCTools Fad & But Advanced Options a three space of hex values are accepted.   __  __  __ .  What hex values do I need to change the color?  Two parts of it might be the command, like 04 for the pads and the bytes color value but I'm not sure about the third one.  Maybe it's location, command, bytes value?

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    Thank you Moon. (Edited) This solved the button/pad issue. How about the sliders?

     FYI, I currently have one of each, a Base & Base II. 

      I got halfway there after installing Bitwig and then using MIDIox to view the messages.  I made a chart from those Hex values and then compared it to the MIDI map diagram I found in the manual.  As it turns out it's in decimal values.  Trying decimal values wasn't working.  I'm somewhat new to this I apologize.

    Here is my hand drawn MIDI map of the Base in hexadecimal numbers.

    Here is the original MIDI map in decimal numbers

    And the colors in Hex

    Now I'm tinkering with the Local LED Control settings which you describe.  The MPCTools plugin has three states for color feedback to the buttons: Initialization, On and Off.  It's designed as you describe.  In Hex, the first button is 3C, so it'd be 90 3C 03.

    After putting the Hex command you gave, BF 7A 48 , to stop Local LED Control, I see that only the Touch Sliders are still on.

    It appears to be working.  Thanks again for your help.

    By the way, do you know if it's possible to do the same with the Touch Sliders?   Can I change the color of the sliders with Hex.  I see that the locations are 01-09.  I've been able to change the CC value but not the color.


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