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Can't get ableton to recognize guitar rig.Can't get livid to show up in midi link section of ableton

Hello Again,

I can't get guitar rig to be recognized by ableton.I also can't get livid to show up in midi link section preferences.I have win 7 and a presonus audio box interface also ableton free and guitar rig 5 free version.The wing works in standalone mode with the guitar rig and wing software perfectly .Ableton live will not let me change buttons on the pitch pedal (in guitar rig?,because it will not load the guitar rig down by the mapping area of ableton live.I would like to assign the pitch pedal slider so that i don't have to use my computer to change it.I can't play guitar ,and also change the pitch ,after all this is why I bought the gui wing?I did not upload guitar rig as a vst i just did the standard ,is this why ableton won't see it?I have not even opened the midi editor and changed anything.I still have 1.2.3 ver guitar wing and am afraid to change that then i fear nothing will  work ?i want the setup like moldover has in his video with the pitch slider and pitch buttons set if you know how i would appreciate letting me in on it?regards ....----scottsober 8-27-2016


  • allright thanks....scotty9-2-2016 i only have a few days left of live 9.61 and will be getting intro to live soon.I will try the new method then...

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