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New user here.  Don't even have my OHMRGB  yet, it's en route.  =)

I want to use it with a new iPad Air 2, running Luminair 3 to control DMX lighting for my bands.  Similar to what is done here-

The first thing I would like to be able to do is run a row of the "clip buttons", say 1-8, in what I would call "monophonic" mode.  I would like to have them all set to different colors and only have one active at any time.  So say I push button 1 my stage will light up red and the LED associated with button 1 should come on (whatever color I program it I presume).  Then when I push button 2 the stage will turn blue, and the LED for button 1 should come off and the LED for button 2 should come on.  Thus at any given time only ONE clip button is on and illuminated, and it that one is the last one that was pressed.  Like a mono synth that can only do one pitch at a time.

Is that possible?

I'd also like to do the above, but for smaller ranges of buttons.  So say I want 4 different strobe scenes that are only available one at a time, I might want to set up clip buttons 25-28 to only light up one at a time, and only the last one pressed.

Any help or advice appreciated.  My unit should be here in 2-3 days and I'll start working with it.



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    No comments.  Is this forum alive?  Just no one trying to do DMX with their LIVID?

    Anyway, got the OHMRGB.  I am using an iPad Air 2 and I got the basic "USB CAMERA" adapter at Best Buy.  It will not power the OHMRGB.  Gets an error message.

    Just ordered this one, which from what I've read, can power many things the other can't, due to using the iPad's power supply in addition to the battery.  It should be here Wed.  We'll see how it works.

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    I work with lighting but I don't have the Luminair app, although I've tried it.  Personally, I found it rather limiting, having programmed other software.  If you had a Windows PC I would suggest using Martin M-PC, which I use.  It's affordable (1 universe is free and it's compatible with several USB DMX adapters) and you can control it from an iPad via either the app or with TouchOSC.  Then you could plug in the MIDI controller.  

    Why don't you try it with the Minim?  It's smaller, wireless bluetooth MIDI, and connects to an iPad.  If you're playing music at the same time then one fader, a bank button, to change faders, and the other available buttons should be sufficient.
  • Thanks TruthC.  I'm already invested in the iPad/Luminair combination and it works great.  Just want to add the OHMRGB to it for more access to scenes and things.  I think its going to work really slick when I get it all tweaked out.

    My basic plan is to have different basic scenes mapped to the 64 "clip bank" buttons, and then other functions to the rotary encoders and faders- such as strobe speed, program select, etc.  Basically I'd have instant access to almost every aspect of my DMX lighting rig via the OHMRGB and then I could have custom, specific things on the iPad, as well as sequences, etc. I think it will be really powerful and very effective.

    I got the Apple USB 3.0 adapter yesterday and it works fine.  Using it I was able to power the OHMRGB and get it to talk to Luminair.  I didn't have a lot of time but I was able to map some scenes to buttons and it worked.  I mapped a dimmer to a fader.  It worked.  Hurrah!

    But there were no lights whatsoever going on on the OHMRGB.  OK, the basic lights are on, but when I hit a button it doesn't light up.  I was also not able to use any of the editors for the OHMRGB.  The online editor did not work, and my newer (2 months old) iPad Air 2 running iOS 9.3.5 did not know what to do with the.dmg file format that the downloadable editor was in.

    Any ideas?   I think if I can get an editor running on this thing, I can probably set it up the way I want it to be.  I think that is the tool.  Then I save those settings to the flash memory on the OHMRGB and it will be there each time I set it up, right?

    Also if I am starting to understand all this, the OHMRGB has to get MIDI commands back from the iPad to tell it what to do- ie to light up buttons, etc.  Maybe that is not running.  I tried to install both "Preset Selector" and "Jazz-Plugin" from the Livid page, to no avail.  My iPad didn't know what to do with those, either.

    So I don't think there is any MIDI utility running to send info back to the OHMRGB.

    Also Luminiar has an OHMRGB Template online.  I have no idea how to make that work or what it would do exactly.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Hey Krebsne,

    That sounds cool but if your hands are holding instruments then you might just want a cuelist for each song so that you can advance, Next, Next, Next.  It's your music, so unless it's improvisational, you ought to know what each part of the song has going on.  Then maybe a button for FX & slider for Int.  That could all fit on a Minim, IMO.  I don't know why a performing musician, who doesn't want to be distracted, would want all that.

    I imagine the setup as being similar to the Base that I have.   It would have taken longer for me to figure out what the three sets of MIDI values correspond to without the help of Moon.  The first value 90 is for note on (80 for off).  the second value is the location of your button.  I used MIDIox on windows to find that out.  The third value is the color setting.  Where or if Luminair supports MIDI LED feedback, I don't know.  But it would be note on (90), location( ## ), color value (## ).  No commas, in hexadecimal.

    How it works in MPCTools is that there is an advanced setting within the but fad configuration where the MIDI learn is.

      Chrome now supports Web MIDI but I haven't seen much integration, only having found one project where a MIDI device can be chosen. 

     The editor I got to work on Firefox on Windows.  It requires the plugin installed on the local computer and for the plugin popup window to allow it.  The Jazz MIDI plugin works on Mac too. FYI, when I tried Google Chrome it didn't work.

     I have an iPad Mini 2 but not the USB 3.0 adapter, so I can't test that.

    Best regards,

  • I am the musician on stage, but we have a dedicated person who runs the lights at gigs.  I own it and all and program it, then we have different people who come and run it.  Its not always the same people and I won't be running it at actual shows. I just train folks who want to do lights for us how it works and let them go crazy.

    At some point it might get so programmed that it could be done with a cue list, and I could see using a minim at that time.  But right now, that is not how we are going to run it.  I am basically looking for the ability to be able to reach out and touch and modify everything on the fly.  This is going to work great I think.

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