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12 Encoders Pushbuttons in new revisions of CNTRL:R


Is it possible to order encoder pushbuttons as installed in new revisions of CNTRL:R, I just recently used  friend of mine CNTRL:R and they are working much better as you can scroll them per one step. My is very buggy, and jumping through the values all the time. I would like to buy one from Livid if its possible.


  • Hi Moon,

    Thanks for the suggestion (I already thinking of buying one as I have problems with faders and knobs on my old soviet synths from 80s.), unfortunately with cntrl:r I had these issues from the beginning its kind of jumps through the values a bit, and doesn't fix at 0 /127 value, which makes workflow not nice sometimes. However I heard that Livid is still building new CNTRL:Rs if you will order from them, so I assume that they have parts, I would be really happy to buy new knobs, or similar from another company which will work with CNTRL:R.
  • Hi, Thanks for information, I'm not sure is it detented or not... serial number of my unit is 200659

    Also these encoders, incremented right? is it means that they will have fixed steps in values, I don't know how to explain but as I said when I used friend's of mine cntrl:r encoders worked with fixed steps, which make work in new cntrl:r script much more smooth especially top 4 encoders which controls scrolling.
  • Perfect, thanks a lot for the answer! That's what I was looking for.

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