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Brainv2 bus board measurments

Hi everyone is any one out there that could be of assistance i am trying to find any technical  drawings of the rgb omni and the brain v2 bus-board. I wish to try and get rid of all the internal ribbon cables and would like to know where the  pin  header through hole joints are positioned on either board.

Thank you in advance



  • Hey moon thanks for getting back to me.

    A dxf for the rgb omni and the bus board would be great, however if you were able to supply an  Eagle or an Eagle  intermediate  ascii formt file  that would be even better. The  eagle file  will allow me to  open the schematics directly  in  Design Spark pcb which is the software i am using to design the board to get rid of all the cables.



  • hi Moon thanks for the link
    however when i click on the link says server not found
    any further assistance you could offer re this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you


  • Thank you moon for your help much appreciated

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