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Livid Code Encoders

Can anyone tell me what kind of brand encoders are used in the Livid Code v2? I need to repair a few of them, but I'm looking to match what's there already. Thanks in advance!


  • Update : I was able to replace the dead encoders, but it turns out there are other issues... Hopefully issues I can fix. I purchased this Code V2 from someone, who says it dropped and those encoders were what I replaced.

    The buttons on the 4 right most encoders do not work, which makes me worry that the circuit board may have gotten damaged. Does anyone here have any knowledge or schematics so I can test and bypass if nessesary the pins of the encoders to the proper components?

    Thanks. I'd really like to get this working again.

  • Thanks Moon! As soon as I can get back to it I will meter this line out to confirm it's the problem. All other buttons are working.

    However there is one other issue you might know a solution to. Two of these encoders I replaced are showing bazaar messages. All other encoders will display a velocity message of 0-127 while being turned CW and CCW. As they should. However, these two encoders toggle between a velocity message of 00 and 01, back and forth no matter which way I turn it.

    I suspect this is a cause of one of the encoder legs (A or B) not making a connection either. Can you confirm that this would cause such midi message behavior? Thanks for any and all help!

  • Fantastic! Thank you Moon! Unfortunately I'm away on business until September 4th, but hopefully you can help me locate to problematic components at that time! I can't remember off hand which were bad. But I shall return here with more info! Thanks again!

  • Hello Again, I'm sorry for the massive delay Moon... 

    So, on my Code v2 I have these encoders that do not display 0-127 velocity values, as you previously mentioned, are most likely bad diodes.  These are new encoders that replaced the originals, they are Alps encoders.

    "Bad Encoder Turns

    Row 3, Col 3
    Row 3, Col 8"

    Also, all encoder button pushes are not working on the last column, the far right column.  All other button pushes work.

    Thank you so much for the guidance to replace these components. 

    PS: These new encoders I used to replace the broken original encoders are "reversed".  Is there a simple way to change this so they all match or would I need to replace all of the encoders? Thanks again Moon!
  • I just wanted to note that I replaced 5 encoders... 2 of the 5 are displaying improper messages

  • edited October 2016

    Thank you so much!! I will test these components right away! Also, what would be the cause of the entire right side (column 8) encoder pushbuttons to cease working? I didn't notice a line BC8 on the board while looking at it, as you previously mentioned.

    Do you have an encoder on that would can recommend matching the original encoders? I'd rather try and replace the 'replacements' rather than repopulate the whole board Hahaha!!!

    Thanks again for your help and quick response!

  • Hi Moon,

    The encoders on my Code are silver shaft, detented.

    Yes, that is correct. The encoders work properly but the push button's for those encoders do not work.

    It is only the 8th column, every other rubber button and encoder button work fine.

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