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Page Banks for brainv2

Hi I'm trying to investigate how to create page bank function for  the livid brain v2
Thing I would like to know are
1) Is this possible
2) does this require additional script in the programming of the firm ware for the brain v2
3) can it be done in python remote script
The controller I have built is used to control ableton live 9
Thoughts as to how this can be done
conceptually i think the simplest thing would be to have a button on the controller which changes the channel that the  the cc or note value is sent on for digital and analogue inputs allowing the brain buttons, analogue and led ids and midi values to stay the same.

 Have a button on the controller that changes the midi value of buttons, analogues and leds such that the relationship  between the leds  buttons and  analogues right across the controller remains the same. i think this should allow for the function of buttons and analogues to change without destroying the relationship between  leds, buttons and analogues feedback.

If anybody can provide insight into this problem i would appreciate the pearls of wisdom.


  • Thank you for responding Moon 
    I  am using ableton live 9.2.3 (i havent updated in a while). Could you point me in the right direction I am struggling to know where to start in order to give my controller page banks.

    Is it triggering channel changes via  a midi translator  ???

    Thanks for taking the time


  • Thanks for getting back to me Moon I appreciate it. I  will have a read  fingers crossed.

  • There are lots of ways you could do this sort of thing.  It greatly depends on what your needs are and what you have available for resources.  I'd need a lot more details before I'd be able to help you with specific advice, though.

    You could build a custom script which remapped the channel data on its way into Live, thus allowing you to have several layers with different channels.  However, this would require some programming chops in order to make it work.  

    You could use something like Bomes MIDI Translator if you're on Windows.

    You could use MaxMSP in between the Brain/Live.

    I'm available for commissioned work if you're interested, feel free to private message me via the forum.


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