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Guitar Wing with Eventide H9, How to assign the small buttons on the Wing?


  This my first post.
 I have managed to program the Guitar wing's sliders and large buttons to the Eventide H9 via the H9's midi learn function or by assigning the CC # but I can't get the small buttons to work for anything.

In particular I want the wing's up/down arrows to change the H9's program up or down.
I also am using one of the large round buttons to select the tuner but would rather use a small button for that.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here?



  • Thanks Moon,

    I will try that and report back.

  • I was able to change to CC's and that worked...except for some reason the large pad (cc36) on the wing I have set to "Tap" but when I tap it the bypass/active function happens at the same time as it reads out the Tap Ms timing.

    Also the Tap function does not follow my taps in the least, it just jumps around mostly between 300 Ms and 500 Ms.
    I checked several times to be sure the bypass or anything else is not assigned to C36, the bypass function I have assigned to C4 and it works as expected.
    The other large pads (c37-39) are a bit jumpy or unresponsive, I have tried setting the sensitivity high or low but it doesn't seem to make much difference either way.
    I have one set to performance switch and one to Tuner but both those work after tapping usually twice or more.

    Thanks again for the help, if I can get rid of the "bypass on Tap" I would be good enough to go...I guess....
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