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Brain v2 Button header pin assignments for encoders relative to rgb omni boards

If possible can you confirm for me which pin on the rgb omni  header  receives  signal from which encoder is it:

Pins 3,4,7 and 8 receive signal from encoder 1-4 and pins 5,6,9 and10 receive signal from encoders 9-12 for pin header encoders row 1/3
Pins 3,5,7,and 9 receive signal from encoders 1-4 and 4,6,8and 10 receive signal from encoders 9-12

the pin number asignments appear to be different.

my thanks to any one who can help



  • sorry three was another image posted for comparison not sure what happend to it here it is again

    i am assuming that bc2 and pin1 on the pin lay out image are the same pin which then confuses the pin assignment for me

    mant thanks for help offered.

  • sorry Brainv2 pinheaders labeled image which i have cropped wont load.

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