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Basic questions in using OHM RGB slim

Hi everybody!

I´m new to the world of midi-controlls and especially to the OHM RGB.
I have 3 questions and i hope you can help me!

First of all, how can i re-lighten up my LED Rings? By the first connection to my Laptop, the rings all done fine. After using the online editor, the lights went out and can not be reactivatet even if i send the factory default via the editor. What hav i done wrong?

Second, for my use, i would like to control two softwares on one PC. It seems that this is not possible with the OHM RGB? The Software i startet first blocks the others so they could not access to the OHM anymore. Is there any possibility to fix this?
For explanantion: I would like to use the OHM RGB for lighting. One software is for controlling the conventionally lights in DMX like LEDs or Moving Heads, the other is especially for Laser Systems. I tryed to use Midi-Channel / Bank 1+2 for lighting and channel / bank 3+4 for lasers. With the Native Instruments Maschine, this worked quite fine, but the Maschine has too less Knobs and Faders / Pads for an efficient work. The OHM would be great for this usage and this is why i buyed it. On each software itself, its an fantastic workflow with the OHM, but as i tell, if i try to controll both softwares by using the banks it is nit possible :( Even if i deselect the OHM Midi IN/OUT in the Lighting-Software, the Laser Software tells me that he is not "free to use". Only way is to start laser at first that this Software blocks the others.

So, if there is no possibility to use the OHM with two softwares on the same time, this leads to my third question:
If i would buy a second OHM RGB slim (which would be even more confortable than switching banks), can i tell my PC that te one is for lighting and the other is for lasers? Is it possible to use two OHM on one PC? Each Ohm for a own Application? Or will there be the same "blocking" as right now with one Ohm?

I hope you can help me.
Thanx for your response and also thanxs Livid for this great stuff!

Yours Chris


  • Hey Moon.

    Thanks for your response! I tryed the whole night to fix the illumination.
    Well, at least i found out that it´s a hardware problem. If i press between the encoders on the left side on top, ahead the usb-connection, the backlights flash and sometimes light up. So it seems to be a loose connection / defective contact.

    This would also explain the problems i have with the editor. Again and again, the inspector jumpes arround to faders or knobs, also i selected pads in the grid.
    In addition to that, if i select "group" on the grid (no matter if on group or leds, effect is here the same), in editor the locked LEDs follow the new assignment (by ID) as i would like them to do.
    Save to device, reload page, buttons are still in order of ID, leds are back as default...

    What can i do? The controller is urgently needed in 2 Weeks and i have a lot of work in programming til then... :(

    The other problems i will watch on later.


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