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Ableton 9.6.2 / DS1 v2 scripts

Anyone else having issues with the scripts appearing under 9.6.2 midi remote scripts but not appearing in the list under control surfaces in Ableton? I only see Livid DS1 and none of the v2 scripts.


  • Yup, 9.6.2 has broken something....I'm currently out in the woods but I'll have a look at it Tuesday when I get back to a real internet connection.

  • Same here, I tried to get the Livid_CNTRLR_v2 scripts working but no Livid scripts show up as possible control surface. I verified that they do exist in the right place on my Mac.

  • I am having the same problem. Has this been resolved yet and can you point me to the revised download please?

  • Please have a look at the top post sticky in the forum.

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